How Jean-Luc Godard Has Influenced Modern Videography and Cinema

Volumes have been written about the influence of Jean Luc Godard on cinema and videography, but what it essentially comes down to is this: Godard is one of the most important filmmakers to emerge during the last three decades, and while he’s often associated with Chabrol and Truffaut, there’s no question that Godard is the most radical of the three.

Assessing Godard’s Influence

Godard’s effect on contemporary videography and film is still felt to this day. John, who works for Memory Tree, says the Toronto based video agency uses many of his techniques for their clients, and the company is not alone. According to the MacMillan International Film Encyclopedia, Godard’s effect was “sweeping”, and experts agree that his efforts transcended cinema, influencing language, thought and the arts.


Rewriting Film Techniques

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Godard rewrote a great deal of what filmmakers thought of as the syntax for creating quality movies. Not only that, but Godard’s inventive and creative use of the camera continues to be imitated today. While he shied away from the mainstream, his methods and ways have influenced a great number of directors and filmmakers.

What ultimately sets Godard apart from the rest is his approach to cinema: more than any filmmaker before him, Godard made people think not just about his films but cinema in general. No matter what the subject was, Godard was able to stamp his mark on a movie in a way that few have been able to do, then or now, which helps explain why he’s considered one of the great filmmakers.

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